Friday, February 22, 2013

I have a confession to make: I’m a horoscope junkie. Even worse than that, I am an atypical control freak horoscope junkie. The simple fact that offers me the ability to look at daily, the next day, weekly and weekend predictions for this crazy little thing that happens to be my existence, keeps me on my toes trying to dissect what’s been written in the stars for me ahead of time. Yet, there is but one problem with these predicates of predictions:

They are usually quite wrong.

At least, when it comes to me, and my crazy, unpredictable life.

So here comes the plethora of paradoxes: Do we put too much stock in words on a page when it comes to star centric predictions, retrograde explanations and even faith in a higher power? Or do we rebel against such predictions and promises if for no other reason than because it is already hard coded into our deeply rebellious nature?

Here is the thing that baffles me about people on a regular basis -- myself included --: We spend most of our time hiding out in the open. We smile when our hearts are frowning. We answer every query about “how we are” with an “Okay,” a “Great,” or an “Excellent.” We tell thousands of little white lies. We tell whoppers. We say nothing at all when we should say something. We trust no one. And we think it’s all okay; we justify it all in our own heads.

And even when we find a safe place to confess all of our sins, indiscretions and secrets, that place too becomes superficial, over time, as we clam up, as we keep more and more of our secrets to ourselves and share less and less of what is going on in our tiny little spheres. We close the circle. Slowly, we drift apart, we find and gravitate towards others; new and old. We make our sphere smaller, even though we probably shouldn’t; even though that probably isn’t what’s best for us. And we do this because are stubborn, because we are tired, because we are flawed.

Still, we do it anyway.

We get tired of the chirping; the same conversations; the same chastisements; the same blah, blah boring nonsense that we have just outgrown. We quit trying. Then, we lose the magic that we happened upon in the first place. And we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. And…it’s just not right.

Sad, isn’t it?

Is it that the novelty has worn off? Is it that people tend to gravitate toward the notion that growing apart is normal? Or is that we have all become so self-absorbed and wrapped up in our own heated blankets of ego that we simply justify our own bullshit?

I want to know. What’s your answer?

Tonight, since I am particularly feeling a little rebellious, this ‘Soundtrack of Life’ song fit. Perfectly. Leave me a comment on the blog or on my Facebook page. And, of course, if you enjoyed reading what I had to say today, please share it amongst your social networks. 

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