Friday, February 1, 2013

The funny thing about life is that in this everlasting, self-imposed pursuit of our own tails to harness the compulsory powers of change, happiness, peace, tranquility and even love, you find blessings underneath all of these intangible aspirations. And, if you look hard enough, you find these blessings everywhere.

You find yourself blessed by friends who have never left your side.

You discover yourself surrounded by those who stand by you through thick and thin.

You are extolled with those who love you, even when you weren’t entirely endearing.

You realize the advantage of being able to see people’s true colors, even if those colors have been obvious to you all along.

You are lauded to have things somehow, magically fall in your lap, only to realize that it truly wasn’t magic at all.

At the end of the day, you realize that maybe, just maybe, the Universe is rewarding you with just the smallest, tidbit of minuscule good for the whole hearted smattering of evil that you’ve had to traipse through for most of your life. Maybe.  

It’s then that you can breathe. Even if you’re wrong. Even if you are facing of against a nemesis, a formidable adversary, you breathe. Because you've already won. 

And it’s at that moment that you know who needs to stay, and who needs to go. It’s in the wake of this most profound revelation that you are able to deduce who will play a part, and even who won't. And, if you are keenly lucky, you even understand why.

It’s then that you know what you have to do. It’s at this poignant, ever-so-important, weighty moment that you make choices that have to stick, even if you don’t necessarily want them to. And you do this not for you, not for your happiness; you do this for the most unselfish reason imaginable.  You do these things for the greater good; for the happiness of others; for the people in your life that you love more than you love yourself. Because it really is that simple. Sometimes it isn’t about your being happy, sometimes it’s about letting someone else find their happiness, on their own path, their own road, their own time.

So you let go.

You throw the dice.

And you wait. Patiently.

Those who are worthy prove it by their actions. Those who are not will fall away. And that, in and of itself, is a blessing. For that tells you everything you need to know.

However, let not your kindness or loving heart blind you to the wicked nature of mankind. Always sharpen your mind, your quill and your heart enough to attack with calculated force when necessary and to love with more force when needed.

Because all of that, all of this, and all of what we have left is a blessing. Use it to your highest purpose. And that, my friends, is what we call…living.

For if there is one virtue I possess it's patience...the other is persistence. There are some battles you have to fight longer in order to win, but it is when you fight those battles with a greater purpose in mind than merely destroying someone that you will, And they who are only out to destroy will lose, they will fall...and they will deserve it. When the dust settles, those who set out to do real good win...those who set out to do nothing but harm do not. Therein lies the difference between real winners and real losers. 

And even that is a blessing. 

Which leads me to my ‘Soundtrack of Life’ selection. I admit, it’s a bit haunting, but it caught my ear, and I hope it catches yours too... 

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