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Shauna ZamarripaShauna Zamarripa began her blogging career in 2005, as a real estate and personal finance columnist. Her work has been featured on major venues such as Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Shine, MSN Money, CNN Money, Ehow, Webupon, Purple Slinky, Triond, and many, many others.

While Shauna made a name for herself by blogging in the business world, she felt passionate about creating Miss Adventures, her personal blog, dedicating it to creating a community for women, by women; providing platforms that are designed to be inspiring, educational, thought-provoking and (sometimes) even a little bit snarky. It’s a skewed look behind the looking glass of this crazy, stupid, whacky, sometimes amazing thing called life by taking a look at the softer, personal side of a CEO and multi-platform successful blog and business owner – and hopefully some great content from you as well.

After 295 posts and several years spent on the old “Miss Adventures” site, this iteration of Miss Adventures leaves all of that old stuff (and posts) behind…but might throw some shade from time to time as an homage to the past. Shauna wanted to recreate and relaunch Miss Adventures in January of 2016 to create something new, different, inspiring and long-lasting – well, as much as anything can be long lasting on the internet today.Shauna Zamarripa and Jon Cordova

You can find Shauna’s work on a variety of different sites, discussing a variety of different things related to business, personal finance, love, happiness and a million other venues. Her flagship company, Valkeryie Consulting, launched in 2013 as a blogging training, WordPress site design and social media management company sponsors Miss Adventures by offering business boosting scholarships to ladies of all ages to apply for free website, coaching and more, valued at over $5,000 per month. However, if a scholarship and site like this one isn’t for you, you can always submit a guest blog to Miss Adventures and get a free bio out of it to drive traffic wherever you would like it to go.

Shauna has also been a featured speaker on a variety of radio and talk shows as well as Huffington post video panel discussions and been requested to speak on a myriad of issues all throughout Texas, including advocacy against domestic violence, and empowering women through self-education.

Shauna is a wife, a mother, a friend, a business owner, a musician, a writer and a woman who loves to inspire other women to know better, be better and (therefore) do better.

She has a wonderful man in Jon, her business and life partner, three wonderful daughters, two German Shepherds, a fat little pug, a foster pup and a little whirlwind of a kitten, Nacho Libre.

You can expect new blog posts to this site at least once per week, direct from Miss Adventures herself, other posts by other featured contributors (as they would like to post) and weekly email digests of all that is new, improved and recommended on this site by signing up for our weekly email newsletter. You can also get some great quotes, information and shareable and empowering — and entertaining — things by following Miss Adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Welcome. Sit a spell, stay awhile. We are all glad you are here.

Visit often. Contribute much. Live happy.


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