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An Open Letter to Assholes on the Internet

By on Aug 16, 2017 in Lessons, Life |

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Dear Internet Assholes,

We are long overdue for a showdown, and, since I do pride myself on having the last word, I fully intend on taking it. Not because I feel a need to explain myself to you, but to showcase precisely why I do not to other people who have a will to learn and apply civilized, better behavior to their own lives.

For years I have made it well known that I am a staunch conservative. I do not in any way, shape or form believe that race is the catalyst for all that is good or evil in the legal system. In point of fact, I believe the legal system is completely corrupt, in many ways a failure and in dire need of reform, but I do not (and there really isn’t anything you can say to me to make me change my mind on this) believe at ALL that our police officers gun down people based only on the color of their skin. Perhaps some do. I believe most don’t. We will never live in a perfect world. We never have, as long as the human race as been in existence there has been corruption, lies, deceit and hatred of people for no good reason. I am not excusing this. I am not saying that this is okay, at all, but I am saying that I believe most law enforcement officers see people at their absolute worst every day, and out of all of those people, they protect and serve the majority. I believe that many of the men and women who suit up every day and put themselves in the way of harm are nothing short of heroes.

However, I do (also) believe that we have traveled down a dangerous road in the past eight years, a road that is not embracing men or women based on color or gender, but of divisiveness and dividing one another based on racial arguments that should have died ages ago. I believe in education. I believe in embracing roots. I believe in diversity. I believe skin color doesn’t matter…unless people make it do, for no good reason at all.

Yet, before I begin, allow me to say this. I have watched these self-same people I am about to “showcase” post absolutely hateful, ridiculous remarks for years, and never once did I feel inclined to be a dick about it. Not once. Each of the six highly offensive people on this particular blog have been, in one way or another, offensive to me at some point, and I just kept scrolling. After all, my time is too valuable to hate on other people. So, before we continue, allow me to make this very, abundantly clear: The majority of people who will find something wrong with me (or you) online, has that self-same something wrong with themselves. However, instead of looking in the mirror to truly evaluate who they are, they would rather lash out. Now? I bring you the commentary with my final last words to each of these assholes of the internet.

This is the post that started said “nuclear level fall out”. And you know what? I stand behind it. Still to this day. The numbers support me on this. People showed up to vote in record numbers because they were more concerned with making history than they were with the actual resumes of the nominees in question. I, quite frankly, believe that the same marketing and political tacticians are trying to drum up a repeat of said “victory” for all the wrong reasons. This is not okay with me. And if that makes me a horrible person in your eyes, I suggest you stop reading here, because we have nothing further to discuss.


Commentary: See? I knew that when I said this, I was going to get a bunch of hateful comments. I’m still okay with that. I knew it was coming, because…that’s the nature of people. So? Okay. Fine. There was ONE guy, who I won’t showcase who was actually kind, even though we debated. That’s the type of person I like. That’s the type of person I keep around. The rest? Not so much. Then again, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Now, let’s discuss how truly fucked up and mean some people are, because they want to take a statement like this as a personal affront…even when it had literally nothing to do with them personally.

Idiot/Asshole #1: 


Commentary: Not only did I get rid of this gentlemen, I also got rid of people who liked his comments (do you all think I don’t check that? Just because you are too chickenshit to say something, doesn’t mean I won’t weed you out when you want to support someone who is just being an outright dick). Here’s what is comical to me about these particular statements:

1. I have been on the front page of more websites, and made more money from that, than most people do in years of work, and I have spent YEARS teaching people how to do the same. And much of what I do is FREE, because I legitimately want to help people. Don’t believe me? Google my life for the past five years. Let me help you, though, so you don’t get me confused with someone I don’t know. S-H-A-U-N-A Z-A-M-A-R-R-I-P-A and V-A-L-K-E-R-Y-I-E. 

2. You kill people for a living and the government has you on social media admitting that? Yeah. Goodnight. Not even worth it. That’s just abject lies and stupidity. 

3. I love how he tried to Google me, found out he was wrong, that I founded my own company, built it myself and don’t even know someone named Mike Arnold. I guess that top secret assassin security clearance isn’t what it used to be. I hope that it gets better for the other assasins out there. I’m truly concerned. #notreally 

Now, let’s move on to idiot/asshole #2: 

Commentary: Okay, maybe I lied a little, let’s do numbers two and three. Number two I really don’t care about (which is probably why he is number two). I meant to delete that individual many times over the years and forgot, because he’s had quite a propensity to be nothing but a dick to me. Bad on me. The third, however, I have reached out to help personally, but still wanted to publically back bite and support someone who was just being a dick. Not cool. Never trust anyone who is chill with someone who is an outright dick to you. I don’t. 

And now? Idiot/Asshole #3: 

Commentary: So this guy won’t let anything go. He even messaged me the next day to inform me that I am “such a hater”. I ALMOST, for a split second, replied to explain that if he felt that way, he hadn’t been paying attention to who I am all along, but realized it’s not worth my time. If I can put things out for years to help people better their lives (and I have), I don’t have to explain myself. And here’s the thing, neither do you. 

Next up? Idiot/Asshole#4: 

 Commentary: Honestly? I loved the replies to this above and beyond the original onslaught. See, I also tried to help this person. They didn’t want to help themselves. Bad on them. However, she clearly didn’t pay attention to everything I have been doing either. And this? This is not my problem. It’s your own. #mymemoryislongandsolidcheckyours 

And now? One of my favorites #5: 

Commentary: #sigh I love how people want to say you are one thing or another, without even knowing you, at your core. But hey, that’s what people have to do, I guess. Maybe he can hire the asshole from the first post to kill me and frame Mike Arnold (who by the way you kind of slandered and I hope he sues your ass….even if I don’t know him, because, you know, again, founded my own company).

Finally, Exhibit #6: 

Commentary: So this guy is probably one of the funniest. Clearly, you haven’t paid attention to the fact that I auto post using an alogrythim…despite the fact that I said that 100 times. I guess you missed those 100 posts, but could comment on this one. If I had the time or inclination to run for office I would. Thing is, I like keeping my own money, making my own hours and contributing to making people’s lives better too much to buy into being bought out by greedy lobbyists. You and guy #1 should chat about how to assassinate me. I clearly deserve it. I mean, according to you all. 

What do I want YOU to take from this? 6 things:

  1. Never put stock into what someone who doesn’t know you

    says. They are clearly misinformed and haven’t been paying attention. 

  2. It doesn’t matter what you say, do or post, or how polarizing it is, you have people hating on you anyway — pay attention to people who like hateful comments and delete them IMMEDIATELY, and also people who don’t clap when you win. 

  3. Keep doing you. Know that when you help people, everything else takes care of itself, hateful comments be


  4. Don’t troll social media and be a dick. I haven’t, for years now. I’m far happier for it. 

  5. Never ever EVER trust people based on posts alone. I have seen the sweetest posters lie and I have seen the most volatile posters be the sweetest people in the world. Sometimes, you build walls not to keep people out, but to protect what’s left. The SECOND you start behaving like these people on someone else’s thread, you need to check yourself first — which I say out of love, because I have made this mistake in the past, but never again. For over 2 years I haven’t said a negative thing on

    anything anyone else has posted, yet they feel inclined to say something on mine? Must mean I’m doing something right. #weedoutthefriendgarden

  6. Above all else, do you. It doesn’t matter if it pisses people off or offends them or makes them angry. Do YOU. You’re the only one who can. And you know what? Other people, like YOU, need to hear it. Not the watered down version, not the weak version, but the strong version. And they need to hear it so they can find their own voice. Never forget that. Be you. Be strong and get RID of people who can’t understand your vibe. You’re not for them. They aren’t for you. And that’s all okay. 

Much love, as always, 

Miss Adventures. 

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