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Can Music Soothe the Savage Soul?

By on Sep 6, 2017 in Lessons | 0 comments

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Music, to me, is a vital element of life. It can help us feel good, it can console us when we are feeling down and it can breathe life into us and make us want to bust out singing or dancing at random moments.

I am known to ALWAYS have music around me, regardless of where I am, because I love how it changes the energy, the vibe of a moment.

I think music wields TREMENDOUS amounts of power.

I believe that a life without music is devoid of some of the most wonderful experiences in life.

Which is probably why I have it on, quite literally, all the time.

I listen to it when I cook.

I listen to it when I clean.

I sing along with it (badly) in the shower.

I use it for random car dancing moments – and to freak out other drivers.

Regardless, I believe that music is an absolute necessity.

It helps me, every day, get in the right mindset. It helps keep me in the right mindset.

If you want something cool that is both free and plain out awesome (although I will admit I pay for monthly membership to be able to download lots of free stuff and put it on in my car – Bluetooth is freaking awesome) check out Spotify. It’s my absolute favorite go to music app because it lets YOU be in complete control of what you listen to.

And hey, as a control freak, that, right there, is pretty darned important.

Check out some of my favorite playlists and give it a shot.

Discover Weekly – New Music Direct to You, Based on what you like

#Myfightsongs – a kick ass blend from Rachel Platten, direct to you.

Then, give us a shout out.

Because I want to know….what has MUSIC done for YOU?

Melodically Yours,

Miss Adventures


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