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Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Humanity, I Learned at the Zoo

By on Aug 25, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life | 0 comments

Even though everyone had the power to change their destiny in their hands, they sat there, and did nothing…but complain.

Dear Dad, No Thanks

By on Aug 24, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life | 0 comments

It’s been 26 years since I last saw my biological father. It’s been 26 years since I have spoken to him, and very few years in between that I have spoken of him, in depth. My father was a bad man. There is no if ands or buts about it. He was selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic and mean. He was probably the meanest person I have ever met. No, I take that back, he WAS the meanest person I ever met. He was also charming. He was also incredibly smart. Poetic, musical, he could turn his charm on and off like a faucet. He knew business, he knew numbers; in fact, most everything I learned in my younger years about business (in its most rudimentary of forms), and how it is a dog eat dog world, I learned from that man. He was also evil. He was mean and evil and didn’t care about being either one. What he did to me, what he did to my siblings….is unforgivable. But, when I found out he was on...

Tough Love Warning: Has ‘It’s Relative’ Just Become the Newest Excuse for Justifying Your Own Bullshit?

By on Aug 15, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life |

I speak a lot about success. I mean…a lot. Why do I do this? Frankly, it’s because I want to see other people be successful Me? I lucked into success. Several years ago, when I was just starting out in real estate, right after the market bottomed out, I was trying to differentiate myself from my competitors. I stumbled upon blogging. I wrote for Ehow,, Yahoo, MSN, CNN and many, many others. I was paid, up front $10 – $250 per assignment. I also earned part of their advertising residuals from that. I printed out those articles to share at open houses and used those items to send to my clients. Every single thing I put out into articles and newspapers and feeds became a gold mine for me. I mean, what OTHER San Antonio Realtor was featured on the front page of Yahoo? That would be NONE. Blogging did more for my business (and not even on my own blog) than any piece of...

The Best Love Story You Could Ever Get

By on Aug 10, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life, Love |

I hate it. I hate THIS. I hate being right here, right now. I hate it because there is nothing I can do to change it. I love someone who has chronic anxiety and depression. And it’s not that he’s mean. He’s not. It’s not that he’s insensitive. He’s not. It’s that I watch him struggle and the struggle freaking SUCKS. And he? He loves someone who has cancer. It’s like we can’t win. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s an uphil battle we both choose to navigate day in and day out….like fucking rockstars. We really do. It’s those moments we spend, sitting across from one another, after midnight, where we talk about how we struggle or what we struggle with, until we can’t bear to talk about it anymore. It’s the moments I tell him, “Hey, I NEED you to quit worrying about me.” It’s the...

When You Realize Your Neighbors are Total Assholes

By on Aug 6, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons |

Open curtain: lose chocolate lab. A dog I have seen before. He barks, but when you call him, he comes to you. He’s hard to take home, because he wants to GO home. He’s lost, but he’s not vicious or violent. You let it go. You let HIM go. And then? You realize that you live around a lot of self-important assholes. Exhibit A: I’m sorry but this person who left the last comment needs to take a fucking CHILL PILL…or 12. Naturally, I can’t let this go, so here is volley #2: Why are these assholes attacking some woman I don’t know? I don’t know. But it’s ridiculous…and uncalled for. Furthermore, calling people names? No. Not letting that slide. Not in my neighborhood. No sir. No ma’am. I love when people assume shit about me. I really do. It gives me the ammo to bitch slap them into oblivion. 🙂 Weeee! Voices of reason. I must...

Depression is a Duplicitous Bitch

By on Jul 24, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life |

One minute you’re fine. You’ll drink a pint or so of coffee, you’ll plan out your day and everything is wonderful and perfect and dandy. The next minute? You just want to crawl in to bed and sleep. That’s the thing about depression. The bitch sneaks up on you. She’s like a jackal, hunting you in the night, waiting to pounce on your chest and crush you under her sea of doubt, but she never waits for the night anymore, she attacks all day. She’s always right behind you, and you can feel the weight of her all the time. 24/7….365 days a year. She crushes you, she robs you, she is your constant companion, as much as you wish she wasn’t. You can’t think. You can’t focus. You can’t even fucking breathe. You reach for your pills that the myriad of doctors have give you by then; the tranquilizers, the relaxants, the anti-anxiety meds and you shove and handful into your mouth with some water....

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