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Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Humanity, I Learned at the Zoo

By on Aug 25, 2017 in Inspiration, Lessons, Life | 0 comments

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Even though everyone had the power to change their destiny in their hands, they sat there, and did nothing…but complain.

It was a crisp, cool December evening in San Antonio, a few days prior to Christmas. I had promised the teenager that I would take her to the zoo to see the lighting display they had put out.

She always loved the zoo.

Me? I always hated it. The why of it comes later.


Yet, here is what I found endearing about the zoo, especially that evening; because I can liken it far closest to humanity now better than ever before.

We had ordered our tickets a day before, online (as I am often prone to do with most things). Upon arrival, we saw a line that was at least an hour long. Me, being who I am, had no interest in standing in an hour long line if I could avoid it, so I immediately began inquiring of zoo professionals stationed around said line if we could bypass.

Turned out, we could.

Turned out, our line was virtually EMPTY.

And we walked in, ahead of 200+ families, because we had purchased online.

This got me to thinking.

Despite the fact that the zoo had advertised this event (quite well) as giving you the option to purchase tickets online, having signs DIRECTLY in front of patrons in line that they could do just that and despite the fact that over two dozen families had heard myself and the teenager discuss with other professionals how we could bypass the line because we had “called ahead”, hundreds upon hundreds of people chose to wait in line…still.

Not a single one got on the smart phone they had in their hand to purchase their tickets then and there and bypass the line.

Not a single one.

Not a single person CHOSE to change their fate, even when they KNEW they now could.

Instead, they chose to sit in line and bitch about it….because that’s what humanity does.

Even when there are signs all around us, telling us to buck up, change course, order online, leverage technology or even to leverage people to be more personal, personable and encouraging than we were the day before, we buck like rodeo broncos in our own stubbornness to hold on to things that are long gone.




I scoff at such things.

I see people everyday on social media, and elsewhere, bitch, moan and complain about their circumstances. My God, they put some fever in it too. But why? What the HELL good does that do you at the end of the day? NOTHING. Nadda. Zip. It only attracts other bullshit people in the same bullshit situation.

(In case you were taking notes, that’s bad. Like always attracts like, so if you wonder why you keep attracting assholes, that’s part of it.)

Balance is key.

Balance is crucial.

It’s like me being in line at the zoo. Even though everyone had the opportunity to CHANGE their fate, to change their circumstance right in the palm of their hands, by ordering then and there though their smart phone…they didn’t. They chose not to. It wasnt’ my job to get up on a soapbox and advertise. It wasnt’ my job to tell them why they were wrong or to tell them they could easily solve their problem…because they held the solution. It wasn’t my job to tell them a god damn thing. Why? Because it was my job to take my daughter to the zoo, and also because I can’t give someone the will to want to change or better their situation. I can give them tools and direction, but I can’t provide the will. That has to come from inside.

Not the time. Not the place.


So what is the problem with these people who would rather stand around a bitch instead of find a simple solution?


They are comfortable in the bear trap that has become their life.

Because that’s the way it’s always been done, I suppose.

It was astonishingly disappointing to me to see how many people wouldn’t change….despite the fact that a reason to change, a solution to their problem of standing in line was right in front of them, even when they held that VERY solution LITERALLY in the palm of the hands, in the form of a smart phone.

Are you guilty of the same?

Do you have the power to change your shitty relationship? Do you have the power to change your crappy job? Do you have the power to change your LIFE in the palm of your hands every day, but ignore it, because it’s easier to watch trash TV or to distract yourself with things that don’t matter, despite the fact that there are signs all around you that it’s time to change? If you’re standing around, miserable and complaining, you’ve only got one person to blame. 


Think about that, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What did you find when you looked?

Much love,

Miss Adventures

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