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What’s right for us: We’re especially interested in personal essays and cultural criticism with unique and diverse points of view. We want smart articles with original photography/creatives. We want stories that you’re passionate about and that only you could tell. We want to hear what you’re obsessed with, whether it’s Dolly Parton’s sequins or female Olympians or the perfect red lipstick or your grandmother’s pie recipe.

We love essays that highlight creativity, dream jobs, positive body image, learning to be an adult, friendships, the weirdness of relationships, and learning how to work through tough times (whether it be the big crises, or the small “I just don’t like myself this morning” moments). We want stories that make us feel like we’re all in this together, whether it’s an essay on how a celebrity inspires you or the way a news event connects with you personally.

What’s not right for us: Right now, we’re not looking for pieces of fiction, poems, or plays (even though we think they’re totally awesome).

Who we’re looking for:

What you get: Miss Adventures is currently paying contributors in hugs and kisses — just kidding. While we do not pay you to contribute to the site, your attached bio is internet gold. With over 6,000 visits per month to the blog and a reach of 10,000 people on social media daily, this is a way for budding authors to have their work exposed to the world, drive traffic back to their site and do some good in the process.

What you do: Submit your piece using the form below. You will be notified via email if we are interested in publishing it, within 2 – 3 weeks (hopefully sooner than that) of your submission.

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