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How to Never Lose Your Muchness In a World Who Wants You to Do Nothing but Lose Your Muchness

By on Sep 7, 2017 in Lessons | 1 comment

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Conformity. Social norms. Not my bag. Never wanted them to be.

If you are reading this, you shouldn’t either.

If you could label me, I’d be the rebel, the outcast; the overachieving asshole.

I’m okay with all those tags.

After all, I realize that they are other people’s labels for me, not my labels for myself. And, truth be told, no one knows me better than I do. So to me, YOUR labels don’t matter. That’s what happens when you realize you can’t lose your muchness. Opinions mean little, attitude means everything.

No one knows you better than what you do, either.

We live in a world where love and life and success come pre-defined in a box that is wrapped up neatly in a package of happy on the corner of “Xanax and Fuck You”. People have to fit into boxes. Feelings have to fit into boxes. Everything has to fit into a perfect box of normality and come complete with a white picket fence or else it isn’t “real”.

But isn’t “real” kind of relative?

We live in a world where life is supposed to fit into a box of cookie-cutter homes in the suburbs and white picket fences, and pot roasts served up to a family of five at 6 pm every Sunday. We live in a world where success is only truly achieved if you have a building with your name on it and a Lear jet with the same.

Then again, we also live in a world (now) where political correctness takes a front seat to what should be in the forefront: common sense.

This, boys and girls is how those of you who have muchness, lose it.

You want to be like everyone else.

You crave normality.

You want that white picket fence, that perfect 2.5 person family, those perfect definitions of what life is supposed to be, when that has nothing to do with your muchness, not at all.

In fact, that’s not muchness at all.

No matter how you slice it.

And if you aren’t doing something inside of you that you love to your core, that makes you come ALIVE, you’ve lost your muchness.

The world has consortiums of experts on this or on that, but they don’t have a plethora of people who are ALIVE, who are really, truly and passionately alive.

Are you doing what you are supposed to do, or are you punching a clock and paying bills until you die?

The world doesn’t need more critics or clock watchers or boxed in people. What the world needs, to save itself, are people who come alive. How are you going to come alive?

It’s time. It’s past time.

If you aren’t doing something, or living a life that makes you come alive, you’re just punching a clock and paying bills until you die.

There is NO good reason for you to lose your muchness, no matter how much the world tells you to.



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1 Comment

  1. Cheryl

    March 31, 2016

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    This is so true we all get caught up in the same old same old.. work and pay bills work and pay bills.. what about life.. what about vacations.. what about going outside just to smell the fresh air.. go for a walk.. listen to your favorite song… I so agree what is your muchness… make it happen.. thank you for this awesome message…. love you girl…

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