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Your Lack of Higher Order Thinking Skills Pisses Me Off, But It Should Piss You Off Too

By on Sep 1, 2017 in Lessons, Life | 1 comment

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I deal with people on a daily basis. People who have little to no regard for the development of higher order thinking skills. They do no research. They do no self-education. They either gripe and whine about how they would like their lives to be better (and do nothing about it) or they gripe and whine about everyone else. Neither one of these behaviors is acceptable.

I’m completely, totally and 100 percent serious when I say this.

And no, I don’t care if it hurts your feelings.

Why don’t I care?

Because the truth might hurt, but it’s also necessary for growth.

I once read something that I thought was a fantastic quote,

The same goes when it comes to people. So many of us (I put myself in this category as well, so don’t think I don’t) are stagnant, selfish, stubborn and lazy. We have to work actively and engage to break out of a low-level thinking cycle to a higher one – don’t worry, the how you do this comes later, but we need to dissect this a little more in depth.

What are higher order thinking skills, exactly?

High order or high-level thinking skills mean that you don’t spend the bulk of your time watching cute cat videos on YouTube, picking your nose or otherwise spending time (for lack of a better phrase) fucking off. It means that you dedicate your time to research, self-education, reading a book (and Facebook doesn’t count, just because it has the word ‘book’ in it) or doing some inner kumbaya spiritual nurturing that will (we hope eventually) make us all better human beings.

So, why does your lack of higher order thinking skills piss me off?

I see it all the time. People far more concerned with keeping up with Kardashians and spending mindless, droning hours in front of trash reality television that they dull their senses, no, their need to better themselves, because they are too busy worrying about who Jax is having sex with on Vanderpump Rules than they are on making their lives better.

These self-same people bitch, moan, whine and complain that they don’t have sufficient funds to pay their bills, but they aren’t doing a damn thing about it.

This, boys and girls, is low-level thinking.

And this needs to stop.


  1. Before you watch TV or do something mindless, give yourself a time limit. I give myself no more than two hours a day (and rarely take that). I get that everyone needs to decompress in his or her own way, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in that stagnation. 
  2. Before you ask a question of anyone, for anything, for any reason, adopt one simple rule: Google it. Do your research first. Then seek out expert advice. Otherwise? You’re wasting the experts time, and aren’t likely to make a new friend.
  3. Commit to doing ONE thing every day that is in the the spirit of your betterment as a human being. Read a book, take a ballroom dance class, go for a hike, go for a walk, research something for 30 – 60 minutes per day. Anything. Just something that leaves you a better, more educated person than the person you were when you began.
  4. Before you bitch about a problem (any problem…or any person), write down three solutions you have to fix it or the situation with said person. Chances are, once you fix your muddled, fucked up thought process, the problem fixes (Note to self: Murder is still illegal, so you need to list two more things.
  5. Be accountable. I know, for most of you ‘accountable’ is a dirty word. Do you know why we don’t like being accountable? Because it means we have to get out of our lazy, lackadaisical habits and do something. That’s why. But, why do people have personal trainers? Accountability. Why do people have business coaches? Accountability. It makes you stay true to what you said you were going to do once the motivation has left you.


So here’s my challenge to you. I double dog dare you to hold yourself accountable online, to a community of other people who are dedicated to holding themselves accountable too. Do this, and watch the love and support you get from the community change your mindset, and possibly even your life.

And it won’t cost you a dime to do it either.

Here’s what you do:

Step One: Go to the Miss Adventures Facebook page

Step Two: Like the page

Step Three: Post something you are accountable for….and check back every day as you watch other people in our community do the same thing…while posting encouragement on yours too.

Do this for 30 days, and I promise you’ll be on your way to changing your life…for the better.


Want some stuff to read in the meantime? Here’s what I suggest:

It’s honestly that simple.

Because sometimes, a stranger can help you change your life faster and better than even your best friend could do.

Give it a shot, or give us a shout out.


All My Higher Order Thinking Love,


Miss Adventures

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