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Six Toxic Things I Needed to Let Go Of…That You Probably Do Too

By on Sep 11, 2017 in Lessons | 0 comments

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Letting go became one of the biggest buzz worthy phrases of 2015, thanks, I think (in part) to Frozen. I mean, who doesn’t know every single word to the song “Let it Go”? Who hasn’t belted it out into a curling iron like a rockstar?

Okay…just me, I guess.


But still.

I have, and I landed on six very different things that I think are applicable to most of us. Here’s my list. Take a read and then let me know if you have one of your own!

Toxic Thoughts

Toxic People

I could go into a lengthy diatribe about toxic people, but I’d rather make it easy. Ditch anyone who puts you down, makes you feel bad or who just kicks up your crazy…. even (and especially) on social media. It’s not worth the aggravation. If it kicks up your blood pressure to continually read bullshit in your newsfeed, take a page out of the book of Elsa, and let that shit GO.

Toxic Behaviors

Overspending, overeating, engaging unhealthy men (or women), or friends or people that make you feel bad, over-drinking etc. You already know what the toxic behaviors are. They are the minute by minute feel goods that give you a hangover after – yes, overspending and overindulging in food or drink (or even people) can do this. Eliminate it. TODAY. Trust, me, you’ll feel a lot better when you do.

Toxic Habits

How you spend your time becomes a habit. Perhaps it’s habits of keeping a messy house or smoking cigarettes, or unhealthy sex habits. Whatever it is, LET IT GO. Let all of those things go.

Toxic Food

Foods that bring you down in energy and make you feel sick and unhealthy. The fast food, the cookies, the cake, the little indulgences. When you eat better, you FEEL better. So let GO of what’s easy and embrace what’s a little less easy, but what comes with a better payoff.

Toxic Fantasies

Fantasies that you think ” should work” but aren’t. Perhaps, it’s a fantasy of having your parents be this perfect archetype of mother and father and they just aren’t cutting it. Or a fantasy of an unhealthy relationship working and it just isn’t. Or maybe even dreams of grandeur that you need to re-evaluate…because you haven’t found your calling yet.

Letting go requires inventory of what isn’t working. It requires a getting real with ourselves with some of the places that aren’t working. It’s hard, it’s actually EXTREMELY difficult to get to a point of self-actualization and realization, but so…so necessary for growth.

What we resist, persists. What we deny within ourselves will come out in other ways. What we look at, we can heal. What we don’t evaluate, never will.

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All my non-toxic love,

Miss Adventures


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