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Straight Ahead: Everything Old is New Again

By on Aug 8, 2017 in Life | 0 comments

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On December 29th of 2015, I made my “last” Miss Adventures post. Well, the last that was going to be of the old Miss Adventures site anyway. I spent half a decade building that site, and it was a hard goodbye, but, as many other ‘goodbyes’ are in life, a necessary one.

I realized what I had, what I had built, what I had held dear to me was, for lack of a better phrase, had become no longer sustainable as it stared at me on the page.

She wasn’t “me” anymore. I wasn’t “her” anymore. And while I’ll never hide that part of me, of who I am, of who I was, of what I have put out into the universe, I’m moving her to a backstage, so I can embrace the new.

I had outgrown it (her). I wanted to clean slate my life. I made the command decision that I deserved that much. I was giving myself the second chance, third chance, fourth chance that I had given so many other people in my life. I made the decision that it was “my turn”.

I also made the command decision that it was time to build something better, something new.

So I did.

And here we are.

It’s not who we were who makes us who we are anyway, it’s what we aspire to be. And shouldn’t that aspiration always be to be something better, something more, something far more lasting than the person we can’t stand to look at in the mirror for even another day; another second?

I think so.

I know so.

And, again, here we are.

What do I want out of Miss Adventures moving forward?

Easy. Yet, not easy.

As a child of the digital age, watching the internet and social media born in its infancy, growing into a “Wild West” (as it were) of the pixelated type to the now button downed, carefully curated and thought out texts that you see on social media (and the not curated and well thought out as well), I came to realize something….and that something was simple: that in this carefully crafted age of digital personas, of perfectly formed shares and thoughts and rants and raves that we lost something….as humans. Somewhere along the line we disallowed ourselves to be ourselves because we became so consumed in what “everyone else thought”. Because god forbid someone else in a digital world “judge” us based on a microblog alone.

Stick with me on this.

Novels, stories, the written word, all bring you to a certain point in a character’s story. It brings you through a certain point, telling you a story that shaped, made, broke and bent your most treasured heroes and heroines. Still, a lot of the entire story is left out. You have come (as have I) to love and hate characters based on a point in time, a section, a moment. You have crafted (we all have) villains and heroes out of snippets in the everlasting chasm that is time.

Blogging, social media and documenting lives has changed that dynamic. Greatly.

There are gurus, there are storytellers, there are life coaches, there are bloggers, there are writers, there are novelists. There always have been, ever since the fledgling dawn of man writing in caves; storytelling is the oldest (and most respected) profession. If words never graced a page, and people around the globe be unable to read them, they would not yield the power that they do. The power that they always have.

And the written word lasts far longer than any other medium ever will.

That, I’m afraid, will never likely change.

Thanks to the gracious gift that technology has given us, we are given an opportunity to see heroes and villains rise and fall, we are gifted the opportunity to see so many other facets and aspects of each of our stories. We can watch heroes fall from grace in moments. We can see villains change, or understand better why villains become villains at all. We follow people for days, for months, for YEARS, passing judgement daily, without knowing any more about that person than what we “think” we do. And sometimes we are dead right, and sometimes we are dead wrong. Sometimes our heroes are villains. Sometimes our villains are heroes with a heart of gold, disguised as something else, for a time.

We become the heroes. We become the villains. After all, it’s still our story, is it not? I have yet to meet a man, a woman or a child who has done all good or all bad. I have, however, met more adults than not who choose one path or the other. Myself included. I have also met adults who want to change that path, and who do.

Yet, one thing rings true, one thing about either side remains the same: there is a story in all of it.

And THAT is what I want Miss Adventures to be, moving forward. As I came to realize that everything is a story, and with every story there are sections and subsections and even further microsubsections beneath, I realized that what the world was lacking was a platform to talk about all of it, for us to recapture our humanity, for characters to regain what is noteworthy. For people to realize that there are only, truly two things in life worth documenting: either something amazingly written, or something amazingly done, worth writing about.

It’s not about selfies or sexuality or politics, or the things that have always, since the dawn of time been the birthplace of corruption that will continue to breed corruption until we annihilate ourselves, it has been, it will always be, and will forever MEAN something to tell the stories that change people, the pivotal, the touching, the emotional and the REAL that are noteworthy.

And that is what Miss Adventures is going to be. She will embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, as long as it is pivotal and teaching and honest. Carefully crafted posts, happy unicorn rainbow farts and whore mongering horseshit not welcome.

I went back to the roots of this blog in the sense that it was designed to tell the truth. Something, in all of those years got lost. Something in all of those years was called to conform. Yet, something else in her wanted to do better than the last go around.

I realized that Miss Adventures was always supposed to be my “gateway drug”. When I started this blog five years ago, it was designed to bring me the tired, the poor, the sick of the same shit type of people. It was MY job to coach those people into Penny Pinchers, to show them how to save and use money to their betterment and then to use Valkeryie, my company, to build them something better, a new future.

It’s not for everyone; it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

In fact, I will use, and still do to this day, social media as a weeder tool to help me discern the weak from the truly willing. It’s why I will post the most controversial and “out there” microblogs you have ever seen to see who’s willing to follow the blogs, to see who’s willing to actually take the leap, who’s actually willing to fly. Because if you want to judge me based on a few posts and you ignore everything good and honest and true that I put out into the universe, you aren’t for me, and I’m not for you. And that’s okay.

I could be like so many others. I could (because I have the means) invest in boob jobs and plastic surgery and botox and all of the other superficial attractants out there. No thanks. I’m not that superficial. I never wanted to be. That’s not part of who I am, who I want to be or what I have to offer. And if someone else is “about that”, that’s not what I need in my life, so I delete them. We aren’t on the same journey. And that’s okay too.

What I want, what I offer you, is something I have learned along the way. I have learned how to pair people, how to make mini families out of strangers, how to connect like minds. How to share those like minds with like hearts, when the time is right. How to be the teacher they need when I’m not the teacher they want and how to step away and let them do what they were meant to do, when the time is right for that also. I learned the most valuable lesson of all, how to ingest, digest and pass on what is needed, at the right time, through trial and error and gifts and blessings and fuck ups and mistakes. I’ve learned a lot of this through not being perfect, through screwing up myself and through knowing when it’s time to say goodbye, even if someone else isn’t ready; even if I’m not.

Miss Adventures, moving forward, is a better, more in tune, more grounded version of herself than she has ever been; than I have ever been. And I welcome you along this journey, if you are up for it, and I welcome you to contribute to this journey, or to your own.

Join the Miss Adventure.

Subscribe for updates or apply to be a contributor.

Happy 2016, and beyond.


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